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Choose your Gratitude Package!


What is included in the package?

8 x Musang King Durian Mooncake

1 x Galaxy Mooncake Box 2.0

1 x Stylish Golden Cooler Bag

1 x Knife & Fork Set

1 x Gratitude Gift Card

∞ x Lucky Draw daily

∞ x Love and Gratitude

How many pieces of mooncake per box?

6 pcs + Free 2 Pieces.

So in total we have 8 pcs per box!


How to order personalized cartoon head?

There is charges of Rm25 for personalized cartoon head per box. Please contact our customer service to arrange the order for you.

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Is there any discount if I buy more?
Is the Mooncake Halal certified?

Mesti ma!

MS1500 : 2009


Is the Mooncake Vegan friendly ?

Yes, this product is suitable for Vegan/Vegetarian. hehe.

May I know when is Mooncake Festival?

Thursday, 1 October 2020

Please come back again in the coming year:
Tuesday, 21 September 2021
Saturday, 10 September 2022
Friday, 29 September 2023
Tuesday, 17 September 2024
Monday, 6 October 2025

How do I store the Mooncake o?

Please put in freezer (-18°C) at all time.

How long can I store for the mooncake leh?

3 Months in the Freezer,

2 Days in the chiller,

Days in your mouth.

(Musang King Durian fragrance will be in your mouth for days if you are not brushing your teeth.)

What do I do before I eat?
  1. Take out from freezer.
  2. Open the Galaxy Box.
  3. Hold one packet of Musang King Durian Mooncake in your hand.
  4. Tear open the plastic wrap.
  5. Smell the Musang King Durian Mooncake.
  6. Open the plastic lid.
  7. Push the mooncake out of the container.
  8. Cut it with the provided knife.
  9. Watch it but do not eat it for ...... 15min. Just wait.
  10. OK! Can eat liao!
  11. Mmmmmmm~!
What if my Mooncake turns bad?

Come find our friendly Customer Service, we can help you on that.

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Notice : Please store in freezer at all time.

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