Having good friends makes you happy, and being a good friend to others makes them happy, too. Think about your friendships – are you being a good friend? Are your friends being a good friend to you?


Good friends make you feel good

A Good friend say and do things that make you consistently feels good, giving compliments and being happy for you no matter what situation arises. – You know la, we “Malaysian” have that tendency to criticize a friend by using the “F” word. It’s another way express our love towards them. “If you get what I mean”.


Good friends support each other

No matter how down you are or feeling upset, a good friend will support you all the way. If you need help, a good friend will try his or her best to help you out. – When Malaysian say we will “TRY” our best. Am sure there is a hidden meaning behind this word. It means we won’t. Agree with me?


Good friends don’t always have everything in common

Everyone is different, and has different hobbies and interests. Even if you’re not into the exact same things, a good friend will encourage you rather than making you feel. A good friend understands that sometimes you do your own thing, and enjoys doing the things you have in common together. – We Malaysian get’s emotional when it comes to this topic and start blaming one another. Example; why you don’t like to do the stuff that I do? Come on, this is so Chinese lahhhh~


Good friends listen

A good friend allows you to talk and doesn’t interrupt you. They’re interested in what you have to say. – A Malaysian will listen to every word you have to say and take note. Cause they will make fun of you behind your back.


Good friends are trustworthy

If you tell a good friend something private, they certainly won’t share it. You can trust a good friend not to be judgmental. – Wait, this comes back to my point above. Totally not true for a Malaysian. So, can we trust a Malaysian buddy? This is for you to judge!


We Believe One Can Change!!

In 50GRAM we do not tolerate violence nor criticism. Everyone is a friend. No matter what race you are be it Indian, Malays, Chinese or even Bangala. We’re all staying in one same roof and we call ourselves Malaysian for a reason.

Ladies and Gentlemen please do not take my comments in a hurtful way, just here to crack some lame jokes about Malaysian. To help everyone who is reading this to get through the day with some fun and laughter.

Have a nice day, and don’t forget to get your buddy a gift for friendship day if you cherish their love and care. Feel free to visit us at and follow us on Instagram and Facebook “50GRAM”.