HMD| Titanium Bangle in Rose Gold



Q1. What is the material of this bangle?
A1. Titanium Steel, it can help to enhance and maintain body’s balance which is very good for our mum.
Q2. Will this bangle rust?
A2. No, it won’t rust and it’s comes with a life time warranty.
Q3. Can my mum wear it on daily basis/ during bath / at work/ do household?
A3. Yes. Definitely can. However, we still encourage clients to clean it with our complimentary jewelry polishing cloths as often as possible to keep it shine like a new one. Besides that, try to avoid chemical such as perfume to keep it long lasting.


Q1. Does it comes with warranty? If yes, how long?
A1. Yes, it comes with lifetime warranty.
Q2. What is the warranty coverage?
A2. On rusting, we will replace a new one if it turns rust.

Delivery Period

Q1. How many days to customize a bangle?
A1. Minimum 7 working days.


Q1. How many words I can engrave on my surface and inner bangle?
A1. Maximum 25 characters on each side.
Q2. Will the words fade?
A2. No, because we are using laser technology.
Q3. How about symbols?
A3. We would suggest nothing more complicated than a heart shape.
This is because complicated symbols may create errors during the production.



Q1. How to adjust the size of open bangle?
A1. Very simple. It can easily adjusted by pressing or pulling at both end.
Q2. How to know if my mum’s hand is fitting well for closed bangle?
A2. This size is best fit for general people with normal body size.
However, we do have a smaller size and a bigger size bangle as well. Measurement as below: