Terms and Condition for Subscribing the Mailing List

This ‘Loyalty Program’ started on 15th July 2017. (The discount for second purchases are not available to those who had made purchases before the commence date.)

By submitting your information, you had

  1. agreed to let us send you emails for marketing purposes.
  2. agreed that you have already created a new account prior submitting your info (only for those who desires the “second purchase discount”)
  3. agreed that your account has yet to make any purchases (only for those who desires the “second purchase discount”)

After subscription, you may unsubscribe any time for any reasons. Kindly note that we will not send you any promotional discounts or vouchers which are available for active subscribers only.

The ‘Loyalty Program’ will not be effective if the user has not

  • Created a 50gram account beforehand
  • Subscribed to the mailing list
  • Purchase through our online store

The ‘15% off Second Purchase’ promotion are not entitled if the user’s first time purchase is through manual ordering.
The promotional codes sent through emails and 50gram online store accounts are not usable for manual orders.


50gram reserves the right to alter the terms and condition for the mailing list. Users are required to read the list before subscribing.