Meaning of Roses:

Roses are commonly given to the other significant as a symbol of love and passion. Quite often, we hear questions about the meanings of roses and whether there are any meanings behind different colours or quantity. In many places, there are different traditional meanings applied to the bouquets whereas in 50gram, we welcome everyone to purchase our flowers for any occasions. We can also customize the bouquets to suit your liking. The details will be available below.

Let’s get back to the topic: Meanings of Roses.

The utmost fundamental symbolism of roses are:
–  Immortal love that will never fade or alter – even through time or death
–  or, Timeless, Devotion, Sensuality, Intrigue, Wisdom, Passion, Love, Honor, Beauty

Although majority of the people would use roses for special and lovely occasions, some people would use them in different occasions as well.
Perhaps for their friends or family, or even a deceased member. First, let’s look at the meanings behind different colors of roses.


Colors of the roses:

Red roses:

Sacrifice, Immortal love, Health, Memorial, Passion, Romance, Deep emotions
Suitable occasions: Valentine’s, Anniversaries, Proposal

Pink Rose:

First love, Innocence, Healing, Gratitude, Appreciation, Pure love, Gentle emotions
Suitable occasions: Anytime for expressing love and gratitude.

Champagne Rose:

Enthusiasm, Passion, Summer Romance, Friendship, Congratulations
Suitable occasion: BFF Birthday

White Rose:

Purity, Sanctity, Secret admirer, Mysticism, Marriage, Spirituality, New Starts
Suitable occasions: Unions, Ceremonial Occasions, Reverent Occasions


Different numbers of roses can alter its meanings too. Most of the ones available are closely related to romance instead of platonic love.
For the meanings of roses associated to Western culture: please refer to PopSugar

On the other hand, in Chinese culture, the meanings of different numbers of stalks are mostly in reference to idioms that involves numbers and meanings of love. Below is a list compiled that includes number of stalks and the meanings behind. (While all credits goes to: TaiwanFlower and Sarah, we were the ones who had translated ? ):

Number of Stalks & Meanings
1 :你是我的唯一(一見鍾情)| One and only, first love
2:世界上只有你和我(你濃我濃)|  Only us
4:至死不渝, 誓言 | Til death do us apart
5:由衷欣賞, 無怨無悔 | No regrets, Admiration
6:互敬,互愛,互諒, 順心如意 |  Mutual respect, Mutual Love, Mutual understanding
7:我偷偷的愛著你,  天天想你, 求婚 | Secret admiration, Missing you, Marriage proposal
8:感謝你的關懷扶持及鼓勵, 深深歉意, 請原諒我 | Appreciation of one’s support, Deep Apologies, Forgive me
9:天長地久, 長相廝守, 長相守 |  Everlasting, Togetherness
10:十心十意,十全十美,無懈可擊 | Perfection, Impeccable
11:一生一世只愛你一個 | Eternal devotion
12:對你的愛與日俱增, 比翼雙飛, 求婚 | Increasing love,  Marriage Propasal
13:友誼長存, 暗戀的人 | Eternal Friendship, Secret Admiration
14:驕傲 | Pride
16:一帆風順,順利,順心 | Smooth success
17:好聚好散, 讓我們的愛到此為止 | End of love
18:永遠年輕, 真誠, 坦率 | Eternal Youth, Truthful, Honesty
19:愛到永久 | Enduring love
20:此情不渝,永遠愛你, 兩情相悅 | , Unswerving love, Forever loving, Mutual love
21:真誠的愛, 我的最愛 | Sincere love, My most loved
22:雙雙對對 |  A pair together.
24:思念(24小時無時不思念), 純潔的愛 |  Always missing you, Pure love
25:祝你幸福 | Giving blessing
27:吾愛吾妻 | Loving my wife
28:好好愛你 | Loving you well
30:請接受我的愛, 不需言語的愛 | Please accept my love, Love that requires no words to explain
33:三生三世的愛戀, 深情呼喚我愛你 | Loving you again for 3 lifetime, Shouting passionately “I LOVE YOU”
36: 我心屬於你, 浪漫心情, 全因有你 | My heart belongs to you, You complete me
40/44:誓死不渝的愛情, 恆古不變的誓言 | Unswerving love, Undying Oath
48:摯愛 | My love
50:無悔的愛 | Love with no remorse
51/55:我心中只有你 | I only have you in my heart
52:吾愛 | I love you
57:吾愛吾妻 | I love you, my wife
66:我的愛永遠不變, 情場順利, 六六大順 | Unchanging love, Smooth Relationship
77:相識自是有緣, 喜相逢, 求婚, 情人相逢 | Destined encounter, Marriage Proposal
88:用心彌補, 用心彌補一切的錯 | Doing everything and trying my best to make it up to you for my mistake.
99:天長地久, 知心相愛恆 | Eternal love, Til the end of time, Intimate love
100:白頭偕老,百年好合, 愛你億萬年 | Growing old together, Loving you for hundreds of millions of years
101:唯一的愛 | The only love
108:求婚, 嫁給我吧, 無盡的愛 | Marriage proposal, endless love
111:無盡的愛 | Endless love
144:愛你生生世世, 12×12愛你日日月月 | Loving you everyday, every month, every year
365:天天想你 | Missing you every day
999:無盡的愛, 愛無止休長相廝守 | Endless love, Loving you without stopping for (not even) a second
1001: –直到永遠, 忠貞的愛至死不渝 | Til forever,  Loyal and undying love
1314: 一生一世 | Loving you for my entire life
9394: 永生永世 | Eternally loving you
10000: 愛一萬年 | Loving you for 10 thousand years


50gram’s rosie bouquet are standardized with certain amount of roses. If you would like to alter the number of roses, you can always contact us from our Whatsapp and even sending us a private message to our Facebook page. Customized bouquet orders are always welcomed 🙂 For more questions related to customized orders, please do check out our FAQ beforehand 😀