Delicious cakes made by experience bakeries in the industry.
comes in various
flavors and choices.

Caramel Chocolate Cake e1589901503278
Caramel Chocolate Cake ( NEW! )
Harga dari RM109.00
cham cake front shot cropped e1594378462366DSC04388A scaled e1594378377224
Cham Cake (NEW)
Harga dari RM69.00
taro cake front shot cropped e1594377954927DSC04301A scaled e1594378077923
Taro Cake (NEW)
Harga dari RM69.00
chantilly cakeFruit Chantilly Cake
Fruit Chantilly Cake (NEW)
Harga dari RM69.00
strawberry cheesecake2strawberry cheesecake1
Out of Stock
Strawberry Cheesecake
Harga dari RM79.00
choco brownie cake 3choco brownie cake 1
Chocolate Brownie Cake
Harga dari RM69.00
Almond Tiramisu Cake e1588878354565
Almond Tiramisu Cake
Harga dari RM89.00
Rainbow Cake e1588878410413
Rainbow Sponge Cake
Harga dari RM79.00
Gianduja Chocolate Cake e1588878407568
Out of Stock
Gianduja Chocolate Cake
Harga dari RM77.00
Red Velvet Cake e1588878404850
Out of Stock
Red Velvet Cake
Harga dari RM69.00
Out of Stock
Macaron (6 pcs)
New York Cheesecake New 1
New York Cheese Cake
Harga dari RM79.00
Opera Cake e1588878414262
Out of Stock
Opera Cake
Harga dari RM69.00