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  • Timeless-Melody

    Magical Melody (with Bluetooth Speaker)


    Let’s dance along with the magical melody.
    Till the dawn reaches..

    Bluetooth Dimensions: 13.5cm (D) * 19cm (H)

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  • Be My Treasure (With Alarm & Clock)


    You are my treasure
    – the most precious thing in my life.
    I Love You..

    Bluetooth Dimensions: 11.5cm (D) * 14.5cm (H)

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  • Mystical-Journey

    Mysterious Journey (Free LED)

    Live, laugh, and love every second of this ride.
    As it is a mystical journey ahead..

    Bell Jar Dimensions: 17.5cm (D) * 19cm (H)

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  • Dance-Of-Life

    Lifely Dance (with Bluetooth Speaker)


    I’ll dance with you through your darkest nights
    I will follow you
    Heaven and earth together
    Dance of lives forever..

    Bluetooth Dimensions: 13.5cm (D) * 19cm (H)

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