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  • sweet heart flowersweet heart flower

    Sweet Heart

    From : RM85.00

    Sweet Heart (R) come with 3 white roses, 2 pink roses, white chrysanthemum , white ping pong & eustomas.

    Sweet Heart (M) come with 5 white roses, 4 pink roses, white chrysanthemum, white ping pongs, parviforias & eustomas.

    Sweet Heart (B) come with  8 white roses, 7 pink roses, white chrysanthemum, white ping pongs, parviforias & eustomas.

  • classic redclassic red

    Classic Red – The Legendary Bouquet

    From : RM95.00

    Red roses also stand for passion, true love, romance and desire. The red rose is a classic “I Love You” rose, making it a popular choice for Valentine’s Day. When red roses are used for a bridal bouquet, they represent bliss in the marriage as well as true respect and appreciation toward one another.

    Classic Red (R) come with 5 stalk of red roses & 1 white ping pong.

    Classic Red (M) come with 10 stalk of red roses

    Classic Red (XXXL) come with 33 stalk of red roses

  • Fairytale The Original Daisy

    FairyTale -The Original Daisy

    From : RM79.00

    FairyTale (R) come with 4 stalk of pink daisies & 2 stalk of white daisies

    FairyTale (M) come with 5 stalk of pink daisies & 4 stalk of white daisies

    The symbolism of the gebera daisy is the simple beauty of a very happy life. Throughout history, the gerbera daisy has symbolized the innocent hearts of children, attributed to the white gerbera, and, happiness and gratefulness for the life you have been given. The meaning is more energized then contentedness or mellowness. It is happiness that bubbles, fizzes and pops with joyous surprises. There is an energetic playfulness to these flowers, which is evident in all their radiant colors. These are not flowers for regrets. These flowers are a celebration of life!

  • Evermore

    From : RM89.00

    Evermore (R) come with 3 red roses, 3 champagne roses, 1 purple rose & white baby breath.

    Evermore (M) come with 5 red roses, 5 champagne roses, 2 purple roses & white baby breath.


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  • Baby Galaxy

    From : RM49.90

    Color purple is a symbol of nobility, royalty and beauty. This small and gentle flower is going to be a perfect statement in every flower arrangement if you choose the purple color. Purple doesn’t send a wrong message to the people we gift them to, so you can use it as a gift for almost anyone.

  • Blush With Lilies

    From : RM189.00

    Blush With Lilies come with 5 white roses, 5 purple roses, 5 calla lilies, white ping pong,  white chrysanthemum, blue caspia & parviforia

  • baby breathbaby breath

    Baby Tiffany

    From : RM49.90

    One of the most famous Color Tiffany Blue with Babybreath Flower, the combination is just so right. The color blue symbolizes honesty, trust, and respect. This is a perfect flower to gift to someone who you find deserving of these traits. These are also perfect for baby showers, especially for baby boys.

  • Delia

    From : RM88.00

    Pink hydrangeas symbolize true feelings and are a great fit for spring and summer wedding bouquets or table arrangements. Some say pink hydrangeas carry sincere emotions and the meaning of love. Take a closer look at the individual blossoms and you will find they resemble a heart!

  • Baby Rainbow

    From : RM49.90
  • baby breathbaby breath

    Baby Pink

    From : RM49.90

    Pink is a symbol of gentle emotions, love and romance. This flower color can be gifted to anyone who is dear to you. you can take this flower color to a baby shower, especially if the baby is baby girl.

  • Blush

    From : RM95.00

    Blush (R) come with 3 purple roses, 2 kenya raindances, white multiple carnations & white chrysanthemum

    Blush (M) come with 4 purple roses, 4 kenya raindances, white multiple carnations & baby blue eucalyptus

  • Aozora

    From : RM142.00

    Aozora come with blue hydrangea, 5 stalk of white roses, silver leaf, silver brunia & beargrass.

  • Fen Hong

    From : RM138.00

    Fen Hong come with 4 kenya pink roses, 3 kenya purple rose, pink-white eustomas, white ping pong, bunny tail pink & eucalyptus.

  • Mona


    Mona come with 5 pink roses, mini spray pink roses, mini spray white roses & silver leaf.


    A classic symbol of grace and elegance, the pink rose is often given as a token of admiration and appreciation. They are the gentlest of roses and relay that message through their grace. Whether they’re for your best friend, fiancée or ever-dependable co-worker, a pink rose bouquet will create a bright spot in a special someone’s day.

  • Emily

    From : RM129.00

    Emily come with 4 purple roses, 3 pink roses, white ping pong, white chrysanthemum, eustoma & white baby breath.

  • Freya

    From : RM158.00

    Freya come with 11 red roses,  LED love shape eucalyptus baby blue.

    MEDIUM Size

    “Love recognizes no barriers”

    Designed By Miyo

  • Forever Blossoming

    From : RM128.00

    Ever wondered why a mother’s heart blossoms as she grows older? She sees things in a broader light, is sentimental, more patient than ever but also, smiled more.

    R Size: 2 Tone Purple Carnation x 3, Pink Carnation x 2, Multiple Pink Carnation, Eustoma Purple, Eucalyptus Baby Blue
    M Size: 2 Tone Purple Carnation x 5, Purple Rose x 3, Pink Carnation x 3, Multiple Pink Carnation, Eustoma Purple, Eucalyptus Baby Blue

  • Dainty Daisy

    From : RM148.00

    R Size: Champagne Daisy x 2, White Rose x 5, Alstreomeria Red, Multiple Orange Carnation, Eucalyptus Parviforia
    M Size: Champagne Daisy x 3, White Rose x 6, Alstreomeria Red, Multiple Orange Carnation, Eucalyptus Parviforia

  • Hannah

    From : RM158.00

    Hannah come with 2 sunflowers, 4 pink roses, chamomiles, pink-white eustomas, pink astible & cineria.

    MEDIUM Size


    “Always look at the brighter side of life, just like the sunflower which looks upon the sun, not the dark clouds.” 

    Designed By AiTee

  • Redvelyn

    From : RM199.00

    Redvelyn bouquet comes with

    20 kenya Red Roses ( Large Size )
    15 Kenya Roses ( Medium Size)

    We designed it with white shining wrapper with Kenya Roses bigger in size and longer lasting.

    Perfect Match.


  • Charlotte

    From : RM119.00
  • Maia

    From : RM138.00

    MAIA come with 4 red roses,  2 purple roses, 1 calla lily, white eustomas & ping pong.

  • Almond Tiramisu Cake

    From : RM89.00

    Tiramisu with a twist – Tiramisu with almonds. Bite the crunchy side of the cake infused with almonds that brings the flavor to a whole new level. It’s a cake that is a tribute to all things celebratory!

  • Infinite-Romance Bouquet

    From : RM218.00

    Medium Size (M) come with 3 stalk of Pink Rose & 3 Champagne Rose , 1 Mini Spray Rose, EustomaLeaf Foliage
    Large Size (L) come with 8 stalk of Pink Rose , 3 Champagne Roses, 2 Mini Spray Rose, Eustoma, Leaf Foliage ( Double the Quantity , Discount Rm70)