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  • Attracted To You

    From : RM578.00

    She has this amazing aura around her which catches you off-guard. A girl’s innocence combined with a woman’s sensitivity, a charm that is alluring and attractive at the same time. 

    Perfect sized gift for house warming / grand openings.

    Bell Jar Dimensions: 22cm (D) * 33cm (H)

  • Everlasting Love

    My love for you is everlasting, just like this bouquet of flowers in your hands..

    Bell Jar Dimensions: 22cm (D) * 33cm (H)

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  • Blue Corner

    From : RM648.00
    Glamour is the shine of confidence.
    So trust me when I say this, it’s never a coincidence when I look good.

    Bell Jar Dimensions: 14cm (D) * 20cm (H)