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Red Velvet Cake

If you have never tasted or heard of a “Red Velvet Cake” before, you are seriously out of the trend!! The term “red velvet” gets tossed around a lot these days. Today, red velvet is not only a popular term on cake, but also a widely used flavour on other foods. In terms of popularity, red velvet cake probably comes in just behind the pretty much everyone loves chocolate cake. This enticing red velvet cake was famed for its distinctive bright red to dark red colour.

It is basically a chocolate cake, rich and sweet, consist of moist red velvet sponge layering with velvety cream cheese. It is a very tender, mild flavour chocolate cake that is startlingly red. Red velvet cake is usually complemented with a cream cheese frosting made with real butter and broken pecans pieces. Common ingredients include flour, cocoa powder, buttermilk, butter, vinegar, baking soda, sugar, salt, cream cheese, and often either beets, or red food coloring to give a red hue to the cake.

Red velvet cake got the “velvet” part of the name due to its extremely smooth, soft and velvety texture. Its texture was partly affected by the combination of baking soda, buttermilk and vinegar as part of the ingredients. This is because both vinegar and buttermilk are acidic in nature and mixing these with baking soda will result in a reaction that fluffed up the cake, making it light and fluffy. Besides, vinegar and buttermilk also react with cocoa powder giving the cake a red finish.

The finished cake has a hint of chocolate note and a slight tang of buttermilk. The cocoa powder and buttermilk give the cake a subtle yet unique flavour that is tongue tantalising. The fluffy and velvety texture makes the cake wonderful and the cream cheese frosting is an ideal match that suited the cake well. It adds even more flavour to the cake and gives a good balance to the taste.


This product can be bought solely. (Please note that if you have purchased and other item(s) with different dates, we will request for another delivery fee payment. )You can choose whether to take the size of ±0.5kg (serve ±6 pax) cake size or ±1.0kg (serve ±12 pax) cake size whichever that are more suitable for you. Certain cake only got one size available. Our delivery will be handle professionally to ensure the cake reach in a good condition.

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