:You are the one that I will always cherish, always be bright like the Sunflower, and lovely as the roses.”


M Size: Sunflower x 3, Spray Rose x 3, Champagne Rose x 5, Matricaria, Eucalyptus

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Friends, Family, Partner

You are like the sun, and I cherish
all the positive energy you provide to me

Comes with Premium Paper Bag






There was this day, 2 girls came in to our shop with bright smiles on their faces. And the reason they came, was to buy each other a bouquet that symbolizes best friendship. 

They said, they were like the Sun to each other, shining brightly in each others’ lives, and bring happiness to each other. 

We were amazed and glad to see our customers expressing gratefulness to people around them. So, with their story, we created this bouquet for the girls.


You are my Sunshine,
My only Sunshine,
You make me happy,
When skies are grey.



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Flowers / Materials Used
Medium Size: Sunflower x 3, Spray Rose x 3, Champagne Rose x 5, Matricaria, Eucalyptus

Cut – off time
Available for same-day delivery.
Cut off time at 4pm daily. (1pm for Saturdays)

Available delivery areas
Delivery available for KL/PJ & Selected areas in Klang Valley only

Things you should know before purchasing
1. You may select the delivery date in the checkout process. Kindly let our Customer service know earlier (1 day before) if you wish to change the delivery date/details after payment.
2. This product comes with 1 x bouquet with wrapping, 1 x paper bag, message card.
3. In the process of delivery, the flowers may dry up a little bit on the edges of the petals, kindly place the flowers in cool surroundings to revive the brightness. If possible, you may spray some water at the flower buds and stem areas.
4. Pictures are for illustration purposes only, colors may differ from products received. It is due to different preferences and view of aesthetic, this reason will not be accepted for complaints/refunds request, unless the flowers have wilted when you receive the product.
5. Flowers are natural products and could be seasonal. In case of lack of supply for some flowers, our florists may replace the flowers to a similar one without affecting the overall view and experience of the product.
6. Bloom size and flower color are always slightly different by every batch, the display photo is also edited to increase the brightness, flowers used in the photo is also almost fully bloomed; hence, kindly do not expect the bouquet of flowers will be 100% same with the photo you see on website.
7. Flowers may come smaller in size in different batches, florists may need to add 1-2 stalks of flowers into the bouquet just in case it looks too small. Kindly remind your receiver the meaning of the bouquet, instead of the meaning of the quantity of flowers, just to clear off misunderstanding.