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2 x Premium Royal White (500g) RM640

As our most sought-after honey, this golden bright nectar is popular for its relaxing and anti-ageing properties. With a citrus refreshing after taste, Royal White comes with a tenacious and delicate texture that reflects its Kiawe roots. If you are in desperate need of good night sleep, this is your go-to product!

1 x Jungle Wish RM100

This is only way you can taste different types of natural honey in a single box.

1. Jungle’s Heart (40g)

Origin: Harvested from strawberry flower nectar
Benefits: Ease cough, flu, sore throat, sinus & asthma

A daily dosage of this would definitely keep the doctor away as it strengthens one’s immunity.

2. Jungle’s Eye (40g)

Origin: Harvested from longan flower nectar

Benefits: Skin complexion, wound healing and antibacterial

This is definitely your go-to product if you are looking to achieve that dream skin of yours!

3. Milan Flower Honey (40g)

Origin: Harvested from the wild rainforest in Malaysia

Benefits: Boost immunity, improve digestion.

An honey used to boost immunity and a potent prebiotic to improve digestion. Full of helpful goodness and properties for growing children.

4. Yellow Love (40g)

Origin: Harvested from linden tree nectar

Benefits: Improves eyesight, cooling effect, high in antioxidant

Its bright imperial texture and refreshing peppermint taste is a reflection of its beautiful origins. In regards to its benefits, Yellow Love aids with improving one’s eyesight and liver health. Also, it is rich with antioxidant properties.

5. Pink Lady (40g)

Origin: Harvested from cotton flower nectar

Benefits: Effective for boosting up stamina and antioxidants.

Cotton honey has a high antibacterial potency. It also has a good amount of antioxidants, making it a great immunity booster. Honey has less calories and is encouraged to be substituted with white sugar.

6. Royal White (40g)

Origin: Harvested from Kiawe flower nectar

Benefits: Helps insomnia, relaxes mind & body, anti-aging

With a citrus refreshing after taste, it’s no wonder our bee friends love Royal White! Royal White is rich with relaxing and anti-aging properties that is useful in combating dreadful issues like insomnia. So, if you are looking to get a restful sleep, this is your go-to product!

7. Royal Black (40g)

Origin: Harvested from Mahoni tree nectar

Benefits: Good for back pain, lowers risk of heart disease, anti-inflammatory

With a high amount of antioxidants and antibacterial properties, this honey is beneficial in reducing the risk for heart diseases and bacterial infections. Its delicate texture and sharp after taste makes it the ideal supplement for diabetic patients and our elderly friends.

8. Dessert Honey (40g)

Origin: Harvested and extracted from Fraser’s Hill unspoilt rainforest in Malaysia

Benefits: Skin complexion, wound healing and antibacterial

A great alternative to white sugar with low calories and glucose content. This antibacterial honey is commonly used to help with wound healing and to improve skin complexion.

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