Stream of Endearment
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Stream of Endearment


Loving and living with the dearly only one.

Bluetooth Dimensions: 12.5cm (D) * 16cm (H)
Base Colour: Wooden

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Bluetooth Pairing

  1. Press & hold the back button for 2 seconds to switch the device on
  2. Switch on Bluetooth connection on your device
  3. Select & pair with BT-01 speaker
  4. Play any music via your application of choice.
Care Instructions
  • Avoid direct sunlight and water
  • Place flowers in a cool & dry environment
  • Humidity levels best between 40%-60%, temperature best below 35°C
  • If flowers are wet/damp, place in an air-conditioned area overnight. It will return to its normal state in 4-8 hours.
  • An air dehumidifier works excellently for above cases

Alternative materials may be used to ensure timely delivery. If so required, 50Gram will substitute materials with equal or higher value while maintaining the quality and aesthetic of the final product.

On/Off Button
Press for 3 seconds

Base bottom is the Speaker & Micro SD card

Remote Control

Bluetooth Speaker Manual

1: Clock Setting

2: Alarm Setting

3: LED light and Rotating Display

4: Volume Setting

5: Bluetooth Function

6: TF (Micro SD Card) Function

7: Record Function (Micro SD Card must be inside device)

8: Play Recording (Micro SD Card must be inside device)