Well Booster 3 in 1 Flower tea in premium tin box


– Well Booster Flower Tea Set (3 in 1Tin Tin Box Pack) Rose30g,Lavender30g,Lemongrass30g – Reduce high blood pressure – Controls diabetic sugar level – Fights against inflammation – Anti Aging and Good for skin – Reduce weight and rehydrating – Makes Immune System Stronger – Helps to reduce stress, depression – Increase body vitality – 100% organically grownPAI – Rose Flower Tea The healthy choice to because you deserve the best.  When life gets hectic, don’t sacrifice your wellness. Recharge with PAI – Rose Flower Tea that will help prevent stress and other daily concerns from sapping away at your immune system or delicate mood. Freshly brewed each day, this blend of nutritious ingredients that creates a subtle floral aroma for to calm down before bedtime. Committed to making every second of life matter? Nurture yourself with PAI Rose Flower Tea first thing in the morning!PAI – Lavender Flower Tea Lavender Flower Tea PAI offers an additional way to relieve stress and tension due to a busy schedule or whatever you may be going through. With its sweet taste, soothing scent, and calming energy of the revered Lavender flower, this tea has been prized by Healers for centuries as one of the most aromatic and relaxing herbal teas in all history.PAI – Lemongrass Flower Tea Refresh yourself anytime of the day with our PAI – Lemongrass Flower Tea. Boost your immune system, relieve anxiety, and enjoy a refreshing cup of tea that will delight your senses anywhere! This drink can be enjoyed every day but do not consume more than 3 servings a day.

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Ideal for Aromatherapy, Humidifying & Purifying.


  • UNIQUE & COMPACT DESIGN – Stripe design light decor, the aroma diffuser looks very natural & primitive. The cap of the diffuser can be easily taken off.
  • IMPLE LIFESTYLE LARGE CAPACITY & GREAT MIST OUTPUT – The diffuser can hold up to 90ml of water & lasts up to 4 to 5 hours.
  • SILENT OPERATION – Adopeted ultrasonic technology, the diffuser is quiet &  provided relaxation without intefering.
  • AUTOMATIC POWER OFF – Automatic shut-off prevents overheating.
  • ADJUSTABLE LED LIGHT & MIST QUANTITY – Two lighting modes: steady on/ change color. Total 7 colors. Long press mist button to choose the mist quantity.
  • Remove Odour, Purify Air, Fight Haze, Better Air Quality, Humidify Room & Produce Aroma Mist.

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