The Ultimate Basic Guide to 50Gram Bouquets

The Ultimate Basic Guide to 50Gram Bouquets

Vol 0: Flowers and Bouquets

All fresh cut flowers can last around 3-5 days as long as they are kept under cooling environment without any exposure to heat and/or sunlight.

There are many flowers available in 50gram but first, it is important to go through all the information here. These information are shortened versions of FAQ and they stand the same as our Terms and Condition.

Vol 1: What is Video Bouquet

A “Video Bouquet” (a phrase created by us) refers to a bouquet of flowers that comes together with a video, retrievable by scanning the QR code generated by us.

How does it work?

The sender/buyer who purchases 50Gram bouquet(s) will send us photos to be edited into a video and a QR code will be provided to the recipient (which will be attached with the bouquet). QR code can be scanned using Apps like “Barcode Scanner” or even via “WeChat”. Although the videos are only accessible by the people who has the link, we can upgrade the privacy layer by implementing pin-code lock to your videos.

Editing time and Previewing Your Video

The time required to edit videos can vary from time to time. Several variables can affect our IT crew’s speed, such as peak seasons, high volume of videos, complicated requests, etc. In order to watch a preview of your video, kindly request for the sample on the delivery date itself.

I want to put messages to my videos

Each bouquet comes with 1 card that is attached to the bouquet and purchasers are required to choose a message tag or video tag (or none). If you’ve chosen message tag, then we will print your message onto the card. If you’ve chosen any video options, the text message will be broken down into smaller parts and then placed on to the video slides.

Vol 2: Delivery Time-frame and Tracking

What is the delivery time frame?

Our standard delivery services are completed between 12pm – 6pm.

Order Tracking & Delivery Tracking

You can check your order status by accessing the Order Tracking system from our homepage.

Due to the fact that we have yet to implement a unified tracking system among our dispatchers, tracking the exact whereabouts and ETA for each and every order can be really difficult for us to do so. 90% of our dispatchers are motorcyclists, which means that it would be highly inconvenience for them to hold onto their mobile phone at all times. This makes it difficult to obtain quick response from them until they stop at a destination. Please be patient with us and we will provide you any updates as soon as we get any.

Delivery Fee & Calculations

Currently we can only deliver to areas within Klang Valley area & Penang, and we have yet expand other states in Peninsular Malaysia. Klang Valley and Penang delivery fees start from RM18, depending of the delivery location. We do welcome you to pick up your own bouquet (no delivery charge).

You can calculate your delivery fees via the Shipping Calculator at the bottom of your cart page. Be sure to put in an item first ?

How do I set a delivery time frame?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate requests for time specific deliveries to ensure fairness to all our customers and maintain efficiency in our operations.

However, please let inform us the closing hours of the work place or the time frame where the recipient will be absent at least before 12pm of the original delivery date. Do take note that our delivery dispatching starts operating at 12pm – 6pm. You are required to notify us beforehand so that our Delivery Arrangement crew and our dispatchers can be alert of it.

Should the recipient appears to be absent (left the area) during the delivery, our dispatcher will proceed with the next available solutions from the section “What if the recipient is not around at the time of delivery?” in our FAQ

Vol 3: Same Day Delivery & Peak Seasons

Availability of Same Day Delivery

The availability of same day delivery does varies. In normal days, we would still open up slots until 12 p.m. sharp. During peak seasons, we may have closed the option as we’ve reached the max order capacity.

What are Peak Seasons?

Peak Seasons are when the flowers are highly demanded. These seasons includes Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc. Our Peak Seasons usually start around 2 weeks prior the celebrated day and ends around 1-3 days after the celebrated days. For example, in 2017, the Valentine’s Day orders started on 7th Feb until 15th Feb.

Pre-order for the better

Our flowers are all available to be pre-order to ease your stress from having to rush to a florist for a bouquet.

When should I place an order?

As early as possible. We do encourage you to place an order at least 4 days prior the celebrated day itself to avoid to being unable to place an order from us as there is a maximum daily-limit capacity. We will usually run out of stock around 3-5 days prior the official date of peak seasons (i.e.: Valentines, Christmas, etc)

*Note: The following events are considered as Peak Seasons as well

  1. Fridays
  2. Graduation Days
  3. 14th of every month, etc.

Why are the prices different than before?

During the peak periods, our suppliers will increase their stock price, hence resulting an increase of bouquet prices from our side too.

Vol 4: Customize Bouquets

Customization bouquets are one of the available options from 50gram too!

What are the options?

‘Special’ flowers bouquet that involves lilies, tulips and sunflowers are uncommon and they are subjected to availability from our supplier. We require you to place an order at least two days prior the delivery date. We have a variety of customized bouquets too. If it is needed for any celebration / special occasions, please let us know at least 2 weeks prior so that we can ensure that the bouquet is ready for you.

How should I order one?

By inquiring us about customized bouquets, please state your desired main flowers, quantity of flowers, delivery date and color theme. If by chance that we had created a similar bouquets before, we can send you sample photos prior confirming your order. Kindly note that we do not have ready-made bouquets including during our regular business days. We prepare flowers based on the completed pre-orders made before 12pm of each delivery date.

How about Registration of Marriage (ROM) bouquets?

ROM bouquets are considered as customized bouquets. Please do let us know at least 2 weeks prior the delivery date so that our ROM florist can discuss with you personally to match the bouquet with your ROM theme.

Bonus: How to Purchase!

How to Purchase :

Step 1 : Choose Branch, Bouquet Size , Video Option (Refer video option at ” Video Type Sample ” tab) & Delivery Date.
Step 2 : Click ” Add To Cart ” button.
Step 3 : At the cart page, fill in postcode for delivery option or select self pick up and click ” Proceed to Check Out ” button.
Step 4 : Fill in complete billing & shipping information, select payment method to proceed your payment and click ” Place Order ” button.
Step 5 : Upload your images for us to make you a fancy video for your recipient. (Text tag will be printed on small card if chosen no video)

*Bouquet sizes and number of stalks available in the Description section in each product page.