Violet Bundle – LAMY

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The product include 1 Selected LAMY pen and 1 mini bouquet.

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*Box color may come in silver after limited edition box stock finishes.*

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The stainless steel nib

Sturdy, long-lasting stainless steel nib for pleasant and even ink flow. Available in different widths and also as a left-handed variant.

The grip

Matt surface, ergonomically shaped grip area to enable writing for long periods of time without tiring.


The ink

Anyone looking for the right ink will find what they are looking for: standard ink violet, special editions mango and turmaline.


15 grams, 14 centimetres. One should not allow oneself to be deceived by this slight apparition: The LAMY safari is any thing but a lightweight. In fact, it is the bestselling writing instrument in the world in its category. 

Additional information

Lamy Pen Type

Ballpoint Pen, Fountain Pen, Rollerball Pen



Lamy Pen Type

Fountain Pen