Marvellous Flower Bouquet as Birthda Gift
Gift and Cakes for Surprise Birthday Celebration with Same Day Delivery.


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Frequently Ask Questions

50gram is a bouquet of flowers comes together with a video, retrievable by scanning the QR code generated by us.
There will be a variety of bouquet designs from time to time. Discover More

Each bouquet has different numbers and types of flowers. Kindly refer to our friendly customer service to know more about bouquet details.

Unfortunately we prepare our flowers based on pre-order basis. You will need to place an order before 1pm in order to secure a bouquet.

Here’s a brief explanation on all of the status from our website:

  • Processing: Item is not received or picked up yet.
  • Completed: Item is already received/delivered or picked up.
  • Bouquet is ready: Item is ready to be picked up.
  • Delivering: Item is on the way.
  • Failed: Payment has not went through.
  • On Hold: Order is on hold for specific reasons.
  • Refunded: Order is refunded.
  • Cancelled: Order is cancelled.

You can opt for a regular text message or video message. Every of our bouquet will be place in the premium boxes together along with any add-on products that you have purchased, ensuring 100% privacy during the delivery process. We encourage everyone to make purchase at least one (1) day prior the selected delivery date or before 1pm for same day delivery. Our delivery time is between 12pm – 6pm with no time request available. Tracking codes are available for online orders only, which are used to track your delivery status. (Manual orders will not receive any tracking codes or automated notification of delivery status.)

You may use this useful website to determine if you have exceeded 80 characters: Please note that if you have input over 80 characters, your message card will look crowded.

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