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Valence Red Rose Hand Bouquet


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Say “I love you” in a classic, timeless way with this Red Rose Style Bouquet. Featuring 15-18 hand-picked stalks of vibrant red roses, this bouquet is the perfect expression of your love and affection. Each rose is hand-tied with a delicate pink ribbon, adding a touch of sweetness to the classic design. Whether you’re looking for a romantic surprise for your sweetheart, a thoughtful gift for a friend, or a beautiful decoration for your home, this bouquet is the ideal choice. So why wait? Order your Red Rose Style Bouquet today and make the Day to remember!

Valence Red Rose Bouquet comes with 15-18 stalks of Red Roses

4.7 Google rating quality flower

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Presenting the Valence Red Rose Bouquet, a mesmerizing arrangement that embodies the essence of passion and romance. This handcrafted bouquet features a collection of captivating red roses carefully arranged to create a stunning display of love and affection. With free delivery in Kuala Lumpur (KL) and Petaling Jaya (PJ), make a bold statement or surprise someone special with this exquisite red rose bouquet.

  • Beautiful Red Roses: The Valence Red Rose Bouquet showcases the timeless allure of red roses, symbolizing deep love and desire. Each rose is carefully selected for its rich colour, velvety petals, and intoxicating fragrance, creating a captivating bouquet that evokes strong emotions.
  • Expressive Gesture: The Valence Red Rose Bouquet is expressive, allowing you to convey your most heartfelt sentiments. Whether it’s a declaration of love, an anniversary celebration, or a romantic surprise, this bouquet will leave a lasting impression and ignite passion.
  • Handcrafted Beauty: Our skilled florists meticulously handcraft each bouquet, ensuring that every rose is thoughtfully arranged to create a harmonious blend of colours and textures. The result is a breathtaking masterpiece that embodies elegance and sophistication.
  • Free Delivery in KL & PJ: Enjoy the convenience of complimentary delivery within Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. We understand the importance of your special occasion and take great care in ensuring that your Valence Red Rose Bouquet is delivered promptly and in pristine condition, ready to captivate and delight the recipient.

Experience the allure of the Valence Red Rose Bouquet and let its enchanting beauty sweep you off your feet. Whether you’re expressing your deepest emotions or want to make someone feel cherished, this handcrafted bouquet of red roses is the perfect choice. Let the power of love and the elegance of red roses create a memorable and passionate moment.


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