How we first met more than 2 years ago

Hey, more than 2 years ago, you came to us in hopes that you could find a gift to make someone’s day. We’re super grateful that you chose us as your courier of happiness!

While we couldn’t really ask everyone if everything went buttery smooth, we’d definitely hope it was the best experience for you. A smile on other’s faces puts a smile on ours!

That being said, if the whole experience ended in a downpour of rain, we sincerely apologize…

Alternate text

Y’know, the deliveries…the flowers…and some other stuff happens.

But whatever the reason was, we’d hope that you’d give us another chance. 

Because leaving a bad review is one thing, us making it up to you is another…

(It might be for other reasons and we may be thinking too much!) 😂 

You might still read some of our emails occasionally (thank you if you do, we hope it’s at least something you liked)