iPhone giveaway…so you can get it


Ever heard about increasing gratitude as each day goes by? 

Me neither. But apparently it’s a thing in this company. 

Afterall, 50Gram’s goal is to create 5 million grateful individuals in years to come. 

This time, he mentioned that he wanted to do a giveaway…AGAIN. 

I have no idea why but he must really love you guys.

Even I don’t get a phone for being the mascot of the company. 

That being said, we are extending our giveaway campaign so you can win bigger prizes such as an iPhone 11 Pro, and Apple Watch SE, and many more gifts! 

As for me…*cries in T-Rex* I’m totally fine, I swear. 

Anyways, I heard joining was simple. So if you wanna know how, click here to see our newest post. Or you can just go to our 50Gram Facebook page

Since I’m not a part of it, I’ll just sit here and- Oh…mooncakes *munches in dinosaur*

Oh, before I forget, the Mid-Autumn Festival will be here in like 8 days. So get yours before they are sent back to the moon. My problem with these is that I can’t seem to have enough…but they’re crazy good! 

You’d trust a dinosaur, won’t you? 🦖 

But that’s it for now. I’ll come to chat with you again soon okay?

– Dino

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