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She thought we were gonna rob her…


Sometimes, we’re confused by delivery riders in hilarious ways.

Especially in this day and age, we’d all have to be super extra careful about letting someone in.

You might have someone suddenly stopped their motor at your front gate yelling “JENNNIIEEEEE! JENNIE! JeEeNnIiEeee!!!” 

Like owe them money or what.

As for this particular case, our rider probably gave one of our customers the same impression.

Take a look at what she’s said after receiving her gifts from her sweetheart.


You could say our rider, in the end, did rob her…probably of all her negative feelings.

But delivered a heartwarming gift from her loved one, which probably set the rest of her day a positive one.

Stay sweet to both of y’all Karmen. Hope you loved the gift

All in all, be careful about anyone at your gate. They could be dangerous. 

Or they might just make your day a better one.

It’s always a pleasure to be able to make someone’s day.

We’re grateful for it SHOP NOW

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