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“So…why are you called 50gram again?”

*Warning: A pretty longwinded email*

Hey I’m sure you or many have wondered. 

Why is it that our name is so different compared to others out there?

Like it starts with a number.

Not like your gifts weigh 50 grams only.

The only thing that was a sign of floristry and bouquets was the flower on our logo.

While we have to admit, 50Gram started off as an idea to stand out among the other florist shops that had long or complicated names back in the days of 2015.

And it worked well!

However, it’s gotta be more than just a short catchy name.

So we’re finally breaking it down for you what this all means.

On a deeper level. But in a shorter manner.

Let’s start with the number. 5

In our view, there are actually 5 stages in a relationship.

Stage 1 is when all the magic happens. Attraction and butterflies in our stomachs.

Like a special someone you’d swoon over at first sight, everyone loves this stage because everything just seems to be perfect. 

There are no flaws and we’ll feel like there’s chemistry in whatever we do together.

We all wish it will never end.

Stage 2 is when reality sets in. Slowly.

We start seeing some flaws. You can still accept and live with it.

It’s when we start asking hmm…is this right for me? I might’ve been too hasty in the beginning. 

We still love that special someone but it’s not the same feeling from stage 1.

Stage 3 is when disappointment KICKS in our face.

It’s the point we start to REALLY work out our differences. Some minor flaws at first turn into serious things you’d reconsider if we can really “tahan” in our life.

Arguments tend to break out from tiny issues and we start seeing the worst side of each other.

Now we wonder if we actually love that person and thoughts of breakup constantly appear in your mind.

Pass this challenge comes to stage 4. This is where we are separated from the fantasy of stage 1 because we’ve already accepted the flaws of our partner. 

Fighting and arguments are seen as just a normal, healthy way of a relationship.

We know both of our own weaknesses and we have ways to overcome them.

It’s stable. But at the same time, it meant boring. Finding new ways to spark up the relationship is always a moment to treasure.

When we reach the final stage, this is when we have the “ You know what? I think I could live with this for the rest of my life” thought.

This is the stage where everyone wants to be but not everyone makes it. 

We become a team, at our most comfortable self with each other. 

We accept the best and worst versions of each other.

And maybe marriage is just something we’re looking forward to. 

From here on out, it’s the future together, and “forever” is the word for each other.

Like the 5 stages of a relationship, we hope that everyone out there including you can reach a stage of true love and happiness with those you love.

Because we sure hope it’s been the best experience we’ve given to you. 

And like the final stage, we’re staying together making the happiest moments for those around us. Forever.

Now that the 5 is out of the way, here comes the 0

This special for us because it’s the only number where the starting point is also the endpoint.


You know, 0 is basically a circle. Like what goes around comes around?

Anyway, think of it this way

50Gram started from the feeling of gratitude

And you know, being grateful isn’t just a one-time thing

Here’s an example (true story)

One day you came back home only to get a phone call from some random number

Thinking to pick up or not cuz it might be some scammer

But you picked up anyway cuz you’re curious

Stranger: “Hello, are you X X X?” 

You: “Yeah, how’d you know?”

Stranger: “I found your number from your wallet you left at X restaurant. Could you come back and take it? I’ll hold it on for you.”

Imagine the moment after saying thanks for getting your wallet back

You’d probably think if it weren’t for him, I’d really get my wallet stolen

And visions of how troublesome it could be if that actually happened

So you’d watch out next time

And if you see a random wallet left by someone the next time, you’d do the same

Because you wouldn’t want something bad happening for that person as well

Gratitude changes people in a good way

Which is why the number 0 represents an infinite loop of gratitude

It’s like karma but in reverse y’know

This isn’t Moral class but…

Always be grateful for any soul out there who’s helped you in any way

Even if that meant learning lessons the hard way

And now you’ll also know why it’s not 51, 37, 88, nor 27 gram anymore 

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