That one friend who might just be an angel

Hey ,

Have you ever met someone so SELFLESS, without a care in the world if anyone’s going to hurt them but still loves others like an angel?

That one friend who has this “bad” habit of sharing stuff with his/her friends?

Let’s call him/her “Angel” just for this email so you’re not confused.

Angel is so kind that whenever she gets all the good stuff the first thing she would do is not to have it for herself (Spring would never share his egg tarts with us – just kidding). 

But Angel would. She’d offer you a piece right away, no second thoughts.

“Selfishness” is not in her dictionary since kindergarten.

The truth is, not everyone can be like Angel.

But we do love our friends and family we’d share most things with them.

We got our best homies who would treat us the same way no doubt.

However, we do hope you’re staying intact with them.

Many more years of friendship to come!

So how about sharing something nice with your besties once in awhile?

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