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The 5 stages of love part 1: Romance

Stages of love

Ah…it’s almost time for most romantic date of the year.

When it comes to love, we go through many rough rides and sometimes smooth tides of the journey we call relationships. 

There must be a time for everyone where love is something like a cotton candy dream. Getting together with someone we admired whether that’s in school or even the first meeting. 

Like not being able to take your eyes off of someone during class or “perhimpunan.”

This is the time where that special someone is perfect from every angle top, left, and right (no bottom angle for this case)

It’s the first stage of love where we think this is what “Romance” was all about. It’s just like the movies and Kdramas you’ve watched last week.

Usually the most exciting part of a relationship, this timeline may vary from just a month up to even 2 years. 

Life during this period would seem like it’s full of sweet joy and grace. 

There’s just so much chemistry in between the both of you and flaws are something we take a blind eye to because of the perfection we’re addicted to. 

Arguing never seemed like a thing because we’d try to avoid it, and wanting more time together almost seems like a no-brainer because it’s the moment we crave for.

The bright side of things is that the first chapter of this fairytale will mostly be sunshine and butterflies. 

The other side of it is that there will be people drugged by this feeling and therefore, constantly change partners, and the cycle repeats until they finally understand what sustainable love is made of.

This stage, however, can last so long until the next stage kicks in…

Stay tuned for our 2nd chapter! We hope you had a good read for this.

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