The 5 stages of love part 2: Reality

Stages of love part 2 | Reality

In the last part of this email, we talked about how it’s a “honeymoon” phase right in the first few months of getting together.

Everything seemed just like how you’d imagine it to be. Perfect. Until this stage comes next…

Stage 2, when you’re slowly pulled out of your fantasy.

During this stage, you’ll start to realise that there are flaws from someone you thought was “perfect” and had tons of chemistry with.

Things get serious from now on because there are 2 scenarios:

1. You started to accept that he/she isn’t perfect, but you can accept his/her flaws. Sure, there are some behaviours you just can’t stand, but you’ll find ways to deal with it like how real relationships should be. (Provigil)  

2. You realised that things just aren’t as great as what you first thought. It was supposed to be perfect, but it soon became a neverending reveal of small actions or behaviours you really can’t take it or tolerate. There are instances that you ask yourself “Am I still in love anymore?” or was it “Am I really in love with this person?”

The “high” feeling when you were in love at first slowly fades away and you soon realise this is no longer the fantasy you thought it is.

This is where many breakups happen as well because reality is never perfect.

For those that break up, they’ll restart at Stage 1 of this cycle, and if they can never accept flaws or just want to be in a spot where there’s always full of excitement and butterflies in their stomach, they won’t break out from this cycle anytime soon.

But for those that are willing to accept flaws and reality, they go deeper into their relationship…

Stay tuned for our 3rd chapter! We hope you had a good read for this.

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