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The 5 stages of love part 3: Disappointment

Stages of love | Disappointment

In the last email, we talked about how reality starts to set in and you’ll start to see each other’s flaws. 

For those who can’t accept them (flaws) and constantly expect perfection, this will be the end of a relationship. But for those who can, they’ll find themselves in this weird but “temporary” spot of understanding each other to a deeper level. (Ultram) (Phentermine)

This is when disappointment sets it because all of the things you once turned a blind eye to is now stuck in your mind, like “He’s got this attitude in front of my friends that I don’t like…should I tell him?” but you often keep it to yourself first.

However, it’s also a stage where both of you give your best (or TRY) to communicate in order to see some positive progress. 

It’s ironic how we often hear “Reality is often Disappointing.”

And because of this disappointment, you get into fights because of very small matters to the point that when you think about it with a clear head, it’s kinda dumb…

You know arguing is bad, but you’re still angry anyway.

It’s also the place where many people would ask themselves “Should I leave?” 

You might even thought about breaking up. 

Truth be told, it’s all but a test of trust and open-hearted communications. It’s a shaky ride…

Once we passed the test of this stage, things get a little better at least. But that’s a chapter for next time. Stay tuned!

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