The 5 stages of love part 4: Stability

Stages of love | Stability

Beyond the mists of confusion of disappointment lies a path of revelation.

After all the battles and doubts both of you went through together, you will discover love in a form like never before. 

Unlike before where it’s about each other’s differences, now you may realize that you’ve accepted their flaws and still love them anyway.

It’s a deep bond like no other where you’ve experienced both sides – forgave your lover and asked for forgiveness.

This is where stability comes to your relationship and the fantasy of it all is now gone. Although you sometimes fight, you still love each other. And because of this, you trust each other and can work out any future conflicts.

While things can be settled without too big of a deal, this can feel a little boring at times. It’s important to find something to keep the spark alive. 

By this time you’ll realize love isn’t some kind of romantic fantasy. Both you and you’re lover are in for a sustainable relationship together now.

Everything that go here is no accident but through many trials and challenges. That is when you’re ready for the next stage of love…

But that’s a chapter for the next email.

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