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The significance of grand opening flower stands

The Significance of

Grand Opening Flower Stands

Have you ever wondered why business owners usually display flower stands on the first few days of their grand openings? Just like you, we’ve tried to search the internet for answers; but none of them were specific enough to answer our burning questions. Hence, we decided to write our own article to explain the significance and meanings of congratulatory grand opening flower stands.

Flower stands are usually large flower arrangements placed in the front of a retail space like a café or a salon on the first few days of its opening. The tradition of flower stands originate from the Chinese etiquette of gift giving. “礼尚往来” (Pronounced as lǐshàngwǎnglái) is a Chinese idiom bearing the meaning “To return politeness for politeness” This customary reciprocity is considered a traditional method to build and maintain friendships and business relationships.

There are specific flowers that are suitable for use in arranging a grand opening stand. In the Chinese culture, the flowers used in arranging grand opening flower stands are usually bright in colour.

Among the flowers commonly seen in a grand opening flowering stand are:

We hope that this small article satisfies your thirst and curiosity for knowledge.

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