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This bus driver has helped 23 couples in their marriage

At this rate, you probably know what Qi Xi Valentine’s Day is. It’s basically the 14th of February for those in China.

It’s said that this is to celebrate the annual meeting of the cowherd and weaver girl in mythology.

But nowadays, people probably celebrate it as another Valentine’s Day. Because…isn’t it…? 

Speaking of China, there’s a place called Zhengzhou. There resides a bus driver who turned his vehicle into something called a “love bus.” 

The bus driver basically has to help his single (ouch) passengers find their special someone by posting their personal info and contact details on the bus. Click below to have a watch.

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It’s literally a dating platform on a bus. Who needs Tinder anymore… Not to mention, he’s helped 23 couples get married since 2008. Something that actually works, people!

If only we had some of those in our country… 

But at the end of the day, you don’t need to find someone new to get into a date just because you want to. Sure, it’s another Valentine’s Day, but the core message of it always stays the same. You spend it with someone you love. That’s it!

You’ll definitely see someone DREAD for a girl/boyfriend. It’s cool, let them do their thang and you do you. Love anyone who loves you. 

And if you tell us no one loves you? We’re always here if ya need us. 

Because we’re grateful to have you with us. 

So get your gifts here for those you love today.

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