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Gypsophila aka Baby’s Breath and the true meaning of each colour of love

Gypsophila a.k.a Baby Breath

The Baby’s Breath aka Gypsophila is a flowering plant that belongs to the Carnation family. The most noticeable element about Baby’s Breath is that they come in many colours especially light and pastel tones. It is this aspect that made Baby’s Breath such an alluring choice for flower bouquets. 

With the different colours of Baby’s Breath, each colour has its own symbolic meaning, giving people many choices to find the right gift for their receivers. This also opens up many new designs imaginable as long as there is creativity.

Our floral designers at 50Gram wrap bouquets and create new designs every day with Baby’s Breath for our customers to ensure the best gifting experience possible.

Let’s start with the meaning for each colour Baby’s Breath represents!


Fiona murray b7vsoojbtt0 unsplash

Baby Breath White – Photo by Fiona Murray


Symbolizes purity and innocence, it is specifically that reason it is the perfect gift for both weddings and baby showers. 


Represents love and passion. There’s not really much to say other than it is the best gift for lovers. Pair this with any other gifts and the flowers will always complement the whole presentation!

Baby breath red

Baby Breath Red – Photo by BAMAIA

Baby breath colour orange

Baby Breath Orange


The colour of joy and energy, perfect for those who are warm at heart and in action. The sun of one’s life.


The colour of friendship and radiance, you always find those who have the most smiles and laughs the most favouring this colour.

Baby breath yellow

Baby Breath Yellow photo by FiftyFlowers

Baby breath colour pink

Baby Breath Pink


The tenderness of this colour symbolizes gentle emotions and affections. It complements anyone with a soft heart.


The pastel light hue of this colour has more of a feeling of freedom and soothing peace than the formal blue colour we see every day. Great for those who love new adventures

Baby breath colour blue

Baby Breath Blue

Baby breath colour purple

Baby Breath Purple


Usually the colour of nobility and royalty, a unique colour that not only stands out but also makes a statement when it comes to gifting. While you can gift others with a single-coloured Baby’s Breath bouquet, there are many creative ways we can play around when it comes to combining the colours of Baby’s Breath. Some of the best examples from our floral designers at 50Gram are:

Baby Rainbow

Mini – RM59.90

Medium – RM138.00

Large – RM218.00

Product Link –

Other than it being named after the Lambo, it is also inspired by the rainbow that makes anyone feel magical just from the sight of it. It is one of the very Instagrammable bouquets we have thus far.

Baby Galaxy

Mini – RM49.90

Medium – RM118.00

Large – RM198.00

Product Link –

Inspired by the dark yet vast universe above us, it is designed with pastel hues of blue, purple, and pink. Because of how unique the colours and the meaning behind complemented each other, it is one of our bestsellers.

Want to find more combinations of Baby’s Breath designed by our florists at 50Gram? You can find many of our Baby’s Breath bouquets from our collections here!

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